sábado, novembro 06, 2010

Money talks bullshit walks!

This week the Chinese president Hu Jintao is visiting Europe. This visit timing is not innocent but strategical, since the interest rates of several countries in Europe was under fire of the markets. Over several Europeans countries the shadow of the International Momentary Fund lurks and the Euro is under extreme pressure not to speck of the EU that just looks in panic without the capacity of due nothing but to order the European Central bank to buy debt of the troublesome European countries. This is a deadlock that can lead to the bankruptcy of the EU itself. Not to talk in the already decreasing political power of Europe in the world.

In their walk through Europe, the Chinese are buying national debt from several countries in financial trouble and making huge deals in European industry. The scale of the financial muscle of China is immense and a sign of the times with a new world order being put in place. By buying debt and making these huge deals the Chinese are in fact buying the Europeans silence in relation to all the Human Rights issues in China and Tibete. As well they are implementing a path that will eventually use the Euro as the Trojan horse that will bring down the Dollar and the end of the Anglo-American control of the world financial system.

Can this be done? I guess yes but it will take a huge amount of money. If somebody can and has the money it's the Chinese since they have now the biggest world reserves in cash both in Dollars and Euros. By having the entire Europe (except the UK) in their financial control they will exert a power over the EU as the Americans had with the Marshal Project. This will leave the US less and less influential.

The levers of change are in place and this is the time! The Chinese known and are going to cash in!