quinta-feira, março 03, 2005

Choques tecnológicos (II)

Os políticos dizem que Portugal precisa de um choque tecnológico. E eu fico a pensar...será que o país real entende realmente o que isso significa?!?!

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o eu do território disse...

lindo, lindo era ver o velhote de harley davidson (ou motão correspondente na visão de cada um) com o saco de batatas, flores, afins e cão na parte de trás ...

CapnDad disse...

You commented on my site that there is no God. I commented back "can you prove that?" Would love to dialog along this line, so if you're so inclined, I can be reached at capndad@hotmail.com.


CapnDad disse...

Hi. Nice bike by the way.

Well, perhaps proof for either side of the argument is not the way to go. If you KNOW that he does not exist, and I KNOW that he does, you will not be easily convinced by my statement that I experience him almost daily.

It is indeed a sad thing that the world is in the shape it is. But by blaming God for that is simply saying that he's not doing what we want him to do. He's not living up to OUR perception of what God should be. In other words, we think that he should be more willing to act in his position where all he does every day is grant our wishes. Hardly sovereign, in that case. For me, I want a God who sets standards for me to live by, not one who comes out of a bottle whenever I rub it.

You're absolutely correct that science is made of tangible proofs, regulated by cross information and hypothesis. And it is by these very factors that the Bible continues to be a proven historical record, with old "scientific" beliefs being replaced with the new evidence on a regular basis. This is archaeological fact.

The problem with the argument that the world's problems of poverty, misery, and injustice prove the absence of God, is that it does not allow for the possibility that perhaps it is we who have made the problem, not God. If you allow yourself to imagine that perhaps God set up the rules in the beginning that would provide for a perfect world, and that we broke those rules, then it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to see that by blaming God for the world's troubles is again just pushing the problem onto what we want God to be (i.e. one who makes my life easy) rather than what he is. (one who rules) In fact, he has provided a plan to make this life worthwhile, but most of us don't like it!

There is an experiment that you probably won't try because you KNOW that God does not exist, but I don't know why you wouldn't try it if there is even a small doubt as to his existence. That experiment is simple. Just tell him that you don't believe, and that if he wants you to, then he should show you. There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain if I'm right.

Anyway, I will be willing to provide my "proof" if you're willing to provide yours. Thanks for the opportunity to expound a bit.