domingo, outubro 24, 2010

Now what?!

(Francis Bacon)

After some time LOST IN ACTION I am BACK to these pages. Now in english! I guess that the events that took place in the last years justify this change.

The world has become a poorer place. The OCCIDENTAL CAPITALISTIC DREAM of global rule and eternal economical growth has come to an dramatic end in 2008. The credit crunch marked the end of an era! Now what?!?

China is going to emerge has the ruling economical power and in 10 years time this will come to get us. The US and the EU are starting their descendant path and the money mongols (i.e. the BANKERS) are starting to take their money from these places and shifting it to China. The first sign is the end of the Japanese economy as the most powerful in Asia!

So get ready for a sense of dejá vu as time passes and a return to a Industrial Revolution social condition for the majority of people settles in. Specially in the US and EU. Off course some countries like Germany were smarter and refuse to give way to the temptation of greed and did not outsource their major, massive employing industries, to China and will continue to prosper! All the rest of the smart asses that thought that China would continue to be poor just to do cheap goods for us in the west will pay the price of their innocence and along with them the populations of these countries!

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